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El Mirador | Geisha | Colombia | £19kg

El Mirador | Geisha | Colombia | £19kg

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1kg Green Coffee

Incredibly complex and bursting with deep, dark-skinned, stone fruit acidity this anaerobic geisha offers layers of clean, vibrant acidity that cools to reveal a gentle rose-like quality on the finish. This coffee is extremely balanced with a structured, creamy mouthfeel that is as sweet as honey. 

Slightly trickier to roast, we found this coffee likes a slow warm-up and medium development time, extending the roast slightly to highlight its creamy, cooked sugar sweetness. 


Code: GC02

Farm: Finca El Mirador

Variety: Geisha

Elevation: 1850 masl

Cup Score: 89


Producer: Antonio Rafael Aroca

Finca El Mirador is set on 13 hectares of dense native forest. Blessed with high altitude the finca sits between 1750 & 1850 MASL in the department of Tolima, Colombia. Antonio grows a mixture of varietals but has dedicated a considerable amount of land to growing Geisha. Antonio's passion for growing exceptional coffee that cups well is clear to see from this lot and when we tasted it for the first time this year we knew we had to buy some. 



1. Manual harvest.
2. Hand sorted and screened.
3. Floated for density.
4. Cherries are pulped and placed in 220ltr Drums
5. Cherry is fully submerged in clean potable water.
6. Fermented fully submerged in water for 72 hours with lid on and airlock.
7. Parchment is then washed to remove the remaining mucilage.
8. Clean parchment is then placed on raised beds in a parabolic greenhouse. 
9. Parchment is dried for a period of between 16 days and finished off in humidity-controlled dryers.



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