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Wilton Benitez | Orange Pacamara | Colombia | £45kg

Wilton Benitez | Orange Pacamara | Colombia | £45kg

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Incredibly clean and extremely complex, this competition series coffee is a true testament to the skills of world-renowned coffee producer Wilton Benitez. High-elevation Orange Pacamara cherries are hand selected for optimum ripeness, screened under the strictest of criteria and then lab processed and fermented to bring out the true potential of this highly sought-after and high-cup-scoring coffee varietal. This coffee offers a clean and crisp stone fruit acidity, a balanced velvety mouthfeel, and a herbaceous hop-like finish. We have very limited stocks of this coffee so get some while you can.  

Code: Competiton Series

Farm: Granja Paraiso 92

Variety: Orange Pacamara

Elevation: 1900m

Cup Score: 89


Wilton Benitez is a highly specialised coffee producer, with a lifetime of experience in cultivating exotic and sought-after coffee. Wilton started to learn the fermentation technology used in various industries including wine, beer, cheese, and meat. Once he had an understanding of how these products were processed, he started controlling certain variables in the processing of coffee, including the sugar content, PH level and fermentation duration. There are three main factors that provide his coffee with a unique and exquisite taste: the fermentation process, the microorganisms used at each stage, and the method of soaking the beans in hot and then cold water to seal the grain.


1. Manual harvest.
2. Manual selection of only ripe fruits.
3. Sterilization with ozonated wáter.
4. Sterilization with ultraviolet light.
5. Fermentation begins in an anaerobic bioreactor.
6. The first phase of cherry fermentation begins.
7. We add a yeast (Saccharomyces pastorianus). This yeast helps in the production of fruity flavors.
8. We ferment the fruits for 52 hours.
9. We pulp the fruits.
10. Starts the second phase of fermentationnin an anaerobic bioreactor.
11. Verification of Ph and brix degrees. PH=5 and Brix Degrees= 15
12. We ferment the grains for 42 hours.
13. Washing with thermal shock (in order to transfer and fix the secondary aromas developed in the
different fermentation phases of the culture medium), First: Water at 40 degrees centigrade and
Second: Water at 12 degrees centigrade.
14. We start drying at 35 degrees Celsius.
15. The coffee is dried in 48 hours in controlled mechanical equipment.

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