Saint Jude - Specialty Coffee

Saint Jude is a specialty green coffee company. Our objective is to connect coffee roasters with outstanding coffee producers who are leading the way in their quest to produce truly unique and delicious coffees.

We provide an open and transparent service to the people who put quality at the top of their priority list. Our ultimate goal is to connect and build robust relationships that are mutually beneficial for everyone who operates within the coffee supply chain.

Our philosophy is simple:
Build strong relationships, pay fair prices, deliver quality.

Producing outstanding specialty coffee is a true skill that the majority of the time goes unnoticed.

We want to change that.

We want to highlight the skills of the coffee producer and remind everyone of how privileged we are to have access to such quality.


We want to celebrate the people that are dedicating their lives to pushing coffee forward whilst taking a deeper look at what defines true quality.

Working alongside individuals and communities that consider their place within the value chain and choose to create robust relationships that drive a positive impact socially, environmentally, and economically.