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El Jaragual | Typica Mejorado | Colombia | £40kg

El Jaragual | Typica Mejorado | Colombia | £40kg

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Bursting with tropical juiciness and a delicate floral finish this coffee from producer Edinson Argote sings with a deep complexity that showcases the skill and quality of advanced processing. 

Cultivated at Quebraditas Coffee Farms, a family project focused on producing specialty coffees with differentiated and replicable sensory profiles thanks to advanced fermentation processes, including thermal shock and yeast inoculation.

Additionally, agronomic management focused on soil care (strategic shading, use of organic matter, pH maintenance through amendments and lime) to enhance the cup quality from cultivation. situated between 1600 and 1850 meters above sea level, within the central mountain range.

The farms encompass 18 hectares, with 10 dedicated to traditional varieties like Caturra, Colombia, among others, and we are consolidating one exclusively for varietals, including Eugenioides, Bourbon Pointu, Geisha, Java, Bourbon Chiroso, Wush Wush, Bourbon Ají, Papayo, Pacamara, Sudan Rume, Arará, with a long-term vision
of having the entire land dedicated to exotic varietals.

Code: Q-15

Farm: Quebraditas Coffee Farms

Variety: Typica Mejorado 

Elevation: 1850 masl

Cup Score: 89



1. Harvesting: This is carried out ensuring a minimum of 90% ripe cherry.
2. Floating: This ensures the removal of green, overripe, and dry cherries.
3. Oxidation: This is done in food-grade plastic drums for 24 hours.
4. Pulping: The cherries are pulped dry.
5. Oxidation after pulping: For 24 hours in order to remove the mucilage. The
coffee is then washed at temperatures of 45°C, creating a thermal shock.
6. Fermentation: For 40 hours at temperatures below 25°C with specific yeast.
7. Fermentation completion: After 40 hours, the coffee is washed at
temperatures of 5°C to seal the fermentation.
8. Drying: After the 40 hours of fermentation, the coffee goes into drying, which
is carried out for 76 hours at average temperatures of 40°C.
9. Stabilisation: This is done in grainpro-type bags.

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