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Finca Soledad | Sidra Wave Washed | Ecuador | £75KG

Finca Soledad | Sidra Wave Washed | Ecuador | £75KG

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An unbelievable story and an even stronger philosophy combine to create outstanding quality through the coexistence of Humanity and Nature. 

Pepe Jijon and his team are working in harmony with nature to create coffee that is bursting with life, love, and outstanding flavour. 

This Sidra variety is full of crisp malic acidity, a big juicy texture and light white florals reminiscent of the coffee flower in full bloom. 

Processed under the Wave philosophy which embraces the respect and understanding of the silent language of nature.

A coffee that truly needs to be savoured.


 Code: Wave Washed 

Farm: Finca Soledad 

Variety: Sidra 

Elevation: 1550 masl

Cup Score: 91


Pepe Jijon: In his own words...

"Soledad coffee philosophy

Finca Soledad was born in 2010 in the remote intag valley, in a protected United Nations world heritage GEOPARK The farm is 120 hectares mainly of protected or replanted forests. We grow coffee in only 5 hectares , typica mejorada, Sidra, Gesha and panamá geisha. We work in harmony with the environment and that is where we get our inspiration from …. Nature

Wave philosophy embraces our respect and understanding of the silent language of nature.

We aim to transform our coffee fruits into happy beans. In our processes, we try to cause the least amount of stress to the living embryo so that when finally roasted it shines, bringing synergy to the cup and happiness to the responsible consumer.

The variables we use, environment, temperature, time, and pressure are modulated without extreme changes to avoid stress.

We focus on energy.

For drying we apply the same care, using only indirect sunlight and extended times to control water activity. Either washed or natural. Great care and day and night compromise is required.

Every lot we make is unique. An expression of the moment, the energy of the pickers, the balance of microorganisms, and the weather …. All interact to create a work of art of nature & nurture" …..


  • Sidra varietal
  • Extended washed process
  • June Harvest at 22 brix
  • Manual clean up no water involved
  • 48 hour cherry fermentation
  • Depulp dry
  • 48 hours mucilage fermentation
  • Quick rinse and 40 days dark roll drying with intermittence
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