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Wadi Al Sail | Jaadi | Yemen | £40kg

Wadi Al Sail | Jaadi | Yemen | £40kg

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1kg Green Coffee

Incredibly rich and decadent this Jaadi variety from East Haraaz is a prime example of why Yemen produces some of the most complex flavour profiles that the coffee-growing world has to offer. Grown on the Wdai Al Sail farm in the village of Akamatul-Meqaab at a dizzying height of 2100 masl this is a truly unique tasting experience grown above the clouds...
Spicy, and sweet with deep dry fruit complexity this is a coffee that all roasters should have on their offer list.


East Haraaz coffee is one of the best regions for coffee cultivation in Yemen and on an altitude between 1800 to 2600, steeped in tradition the fertile soil is enriched with nutritious elements which assist the growth of unique varieties of coffee. Yemen's produce was best known in the world for producing truly outstanding coffee. Its fields flowed with coffee and fresh fruits and the coffee plants would fill the air with vigour. Processed by the traditional natural method of sun drying on raised beds this is a coffee that has to be tasted to be believed. 


Region: East Haraaz 

Village: Akamatul-Meqaab

Farm: Wadi Al Sail

Altitude: 2100 masl

Variety: Jaadi

Cup Score: 91



Ripe cherries are picked and floated for density. The coffee is then hand-sorted and sun-dried on raised beds. 

The coffee is covered at night to prevent moisture build-up on the beds and the cherries are turned throughout the drying process to make sure coffee dries evenly. 

All coffee is processed naturally and this is the traditional method that has been used for centuries in Yemen. 


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