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Wilton Benitez | Koji Bourbon | Colombia | £45KG

Wilton Benitez | Koji Bourbon | Colombia | £45KG

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Bursting with tropical acidity and fragrant florals, this extraordinary coffee from Wilton Benitez reminds us of tropical punch, like opening up a cold can of Lilt if you can remember that far back. Fermented by Koji inoculation, this coffee sings with complexity so sweet it will make your tastebuds come alive. This coffee delivers a multi-sensory assault on the palate and transforms into syrupy passionfruit and mango nectar with a sweet and floral aftertaste that lingers. This is another complex coffee that we have the pleasure of sharing and we are very fortunate to have a small lot on offer. 

Code: Micro-lot

Farm: Granja Paraiso 92

Variety: Striped Bourbon 

Elevation: 1950m

Cup Score: 91


Wilton Benitez is a highly specialised coffee producer, with a lifetime of experience in cultivating exotic and sought-after coffee. Wilton started to learn the fermentation technology used in various industries including wine, beer, cheese, and meat. Once he had an understanding of how these products were processed, he started controlling certain variables in the processing of coffee, including the sugar content, PH level and fermentation duration. There are three main factors that provide his coffee with a unique and exquisite taste: the fermentation process, the microorganisms used at each stage, and the method of soaking the beans in hot and then cold water to seal the grain.


1. Manual harvest.
2. Characterisation of the cherry.
3. Classification of the cherry by density and size.
4. Sterilisation of the cherry (with UV and Ozone).
5. Immersion of the cherries for 30 seconds in boiling water and 30 seconds in cold water.
6. Fermentation begins in anaerobic bioreactors with specific yeast(Saccharomyces pastorianus) to enhance fruity notes.
7. Fermentation for 72 hours at 22*C.
8. Cherry pulping.
9. In this phase the cherries are placed in anaerobic bioreactors and the koji is added.
10. The koji must be placed in a solution of 3% salt 7 days before in order to be able to activate it and develop a greater number of spores.
11. Fermentation for 336 hours.
12. PH is kept above 4.3 to favour the conditions of the Japanese koji.
13. Washing of the grain.
14. Drying of the grain with controlled equipment for 48 hours at 38*C.


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